Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

It is the purpose of our roles to deliver an exceptional customer service to all our customers, whether that be residents, leaseholders, or clients. We understand that managing people’s homes requires dealing with customers that have an emotional investment and this can sometimes cause distress and make dealing with customers difficult. We are prepared and have tools to enable us to ease such conversations and provide effective resolutions to these problems.

What is unreasonable behaviour?

Unreasonable behaviour is any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable, the various forms of which are detailed below. We do not view behaviour as unreasonable just because a person is forceful or determined. However, we do consider behaviour that results in unreasonable demands of our staff, or unreasonably distresses our staff, to be unacceptable.

Wherever possible, we will give the person the opportunity to change their behaviour or action before a decision is taken. In the event that action needs to be taken to deal with unreasonable behaviour, we will make a detailed note of events, including the unreasonable behaviour and any action taken to mitigate it. This will be recorded in a central register and will be done as soon as possible after the event. We may choose to record phone calls to company phones. When this is the case, we will give clear notice and subsequent reminders.


Forms of unreasonable behaviour

We deem the following behaviour to be unacceptable when liaising with our staff:

These are examples and not a definitive list of unacceptable behaviours. There are other behaviours not included in the above which may constitute unacceptable behaviour.

Dealing with Unreasonable Behaviour

We may choose to deal with unreasonable behaviour by any of the following means:

Through the above measures, we have taken steps to recognise and safeguard our staff from unreasonable behaviour.

Company Name: ​Parkfords Management Ltd​

Signed/Printed Name:​ ​Michael Lawton​

Position Held within Company: Director

Date: 4th January 2022

This policy is drafted by and approved for use by our industry bodies, ARMA and IRPM.